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This handsome little thing is Navarro, my besties third child.  I was able to be in the delivery room and witness him coming into this world, a big first for me.  Something Ive always been a bit (okay, very) scared of... but I don't think I could of witnessed a better birth for my first.  This was Shelley's first natural birth, so we were experiencing some big firsts together.  She has no idea how amazing she did.  We were all amazed by her composure and strength through the whole thing.   

The actual delivery happened so fast, and I was behind the lens of my camera, I can barely even see that exact moment in my mind.  It was pretty dark too, so the photos didn't quite come out.  But the whole experience was awesome.  Didn't totally take away my fear of giving birth, but it showed me that I can do it, no matter how I think I can't.   

It was amazing to see the difference in the baby's alertness right after delivery without drugs, to my friend who (unhappily) had to have a c-section.  He was opening his eyes and making contact with you right away.  It was incredible.  Man my friends make some cute babies!  He is just perfect, in every way.  Just like little Laurel is.   

I stayed at the hospital with them after the birth, so I got to see Shelley's other two kids come meet him first thing in the morning.  The looks on their faces were priceless.  They were so delighted.  This little man is going to be one very loved tot.