kimono double.jpg
flower in hair.jpg

outfit details:  kimono - f21 // tank - alternative apparel // shorts - husbands pants cut off // shoes - blowfish shoes // necklace - roots and feathers

A little outfit I wore last week when I went with my friend and her kids to the park.  It was such a nice morning and so good to spend some time with her.  She still has not had her baby, so now we are at the any hour point instead of any day point.  At least in my head we are.  Ive been on edge for a week now waiting for little Navarro's entrance.   

I have a huge pile of new jewelry that needs to be listed in the shop (the necklace above is one of them).  So many new pretties.  But Im just not sure when Ill get them up.  Thank you so much for all the love on my hubby's new Skyline Fever stuff.  We are wild about it!  I made this announcement on fb, but I should let you guys know too.  We only have about 2 of each style and size available.  We have to make these in very small batches as we can afford to.  So once they are sold out, they are sold out until we can raise enough $ to invest back into it.  We wish so bad we could just have a stock room full of all sizes and colors and be able to make customs, but for now its just not that way.  But oh how we are dreaming it up for one day!!!


If you saw my post last night about the Fuck It e-book, I just wanted to announce here that the price has been dramatically reduced!  If you bought it already, no worries, you will be refunded!  We had a pow-wow and decided we would rather make less money and have the e-book more available to anyone, for the price of a coffee.  It's now only $5!!!  A steal. 

The winner of the Gaia Conceptions giveaway has been announced.  It is on the same widget you entered the giveaway on! 

A new giveaway is going up in just a bit today, so check back soon over on the giveaway page!