laura and james.JPG
bella cat and coffee.JPG
gypsies caravan deerskin pouch on indian poof.JPG
james making chicken pineapple cabobs.JPG
dried oregano herbs.JPG
laura mazurek in glasses.JPG
roots and feathers moon dreamcatcher necklaces.JPG
seashell windchime with old medicine bottles.JPG
new moon book from aquarius nation.JPG

1. one of two hawks I saw this week
2. me and james, and his beautiful baby blues
3. bella and coffee, lots and lots of coffee
4. a sweet birthday gift from my friend over at Gypsies Caravan
5. james preparing cabobs
6. dried oregano i pulled out of my compost b/c it was so beautiful
7. my mood most of the week, so glad its passing
8. the moon dreamcatchers that were preordered went out
9. seashell chime i made from gifted seashells from Gypsies Caravan
10. writing in my new moon book from Aquarius Nation

Can I just say, what a week this has been.  For me its been full of emotions, being tired, but still having my brain go in a million directions.  Im starting to see the clearing beyond the trees and Im just so happy this week is coming to a close.  I guess.  Its odd working from home for myself I kind of forget about Fridays being that anticipated day.  I do remember that feeling though.   

Twice this week we came upon beautiful hawks while driving.  The one in the image above was far away and I only had my phone camera on me, so it is blown up and blurry, but you can still see him.  The second one there was no way to capture b/c of the road we were on, but oh my!  He was on a tree right along the side of the road so I was able to see up close for a flash second all of his beautiful colors.  It was a red tail hawk.  So remarkable.  This morning I found an owl feather in my yard.  I have never seen an owl in person, and rarely do I ever hear one here at this house.  You can hear them at my parents alot, but I think Ive only heard one here once or twice in the distance.  I wish I could of seen how it got in my yard.  If it was right in my yard, or if the wind carried it along to me.  I found it as I was watering and feeding the wild birds, so it felt like a beautiful exchange. 

In case you missed it, I have been blogging a bit over on the boho blog section, so go check it out if you want.  We have a new lookbook coming soon!  I can't wait to share it. 

Also, there is a giveaway going on that is hosted by Datevitation through the whole month of july, its a good one!

Today we are releasing 4 new Skyline Fever designs!  So so excited.  Some of my alltime favorites so far!  Check back later for those.  There are still so many pretties in James shop right now.