As the days go by I'm getting more and more excited for this beautiful ecourse to be released.  I'm so honored to be a little part of it, sharing my experiences of healing through art.   

This is what they have written about Soulsigh

  “Join us on July 22 for a 4-week journey filled with art assignments, soul prompts, yummy guests, private access to a sacred circle of soulful, wild women, meditations, rituals, our whole hearts, and more.” 

So often we become disconnected from our hearts and intuition through shame, disappointment, disillusionment, and lack of gentle witness from a wild sisterhood of wise women. This e-course is designed to bring you into a loving relationship with your body and spirit through deep nurture and tenderness in preparation for birth. All creativity is birth, whether it is a creative lovechild or your own soul-awakening. We honor your creative feminine and invite her to thrive, joyful and abundant, within your heart.

This four-week course follows the cycles of the moon, carrying us through light and dark, swelling and emptying as we love ourselves home through nourishing self-care, intimate witness, and healing rituals.  We come alongside you for this journey, humble and vulnerable, sharing our own stories.



If you want to learn more about this course and possibly even join us, find all your yummy info here at