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You may remember me styling up this dress here.  As cute as it was as a dress, it was just a bit snug on me, so I thought I was convert it into something new that would actually get worn more... A kimono!  This was a very simple afternoon project that anyone can do with just a few supplies.  I'm planning on doing a few more pieces our of my closet now that I know it came out good. 

kimono diy www.rootsandfeathers.com.jpg

S U P P L I E S: 

dress or shirt // scissors // thread + needle or sewing machine // fabric glue // pins // iron // optional fringe trim

kimono diy www.rootsandfeathers.com.jpg

S T E P S: 

1. Lay your dress out super flat and mark down the center of the front in a straight line, either visually or with a fabric marker.  Cut your dress down that line.

2. Fold under the raw edge twice, about 1/4 inch wide, to create a hem.  Iron down flat and pink along the entire hemline. 

3. Sew your hemline.  This can be done by hand if you don't have a sewing machine, it will just take longer.   

4. Take your fringe and measure the length where you want it to go.  I chose the arms, so i pinned it where I wanted it to go and then cut off the excess length.   

5. This step can be done two different ways.  One would be to sew the trim in play, just like you did the hemline.  The armholes on this dress were small and it barely fit over my sewing machine, so I opted to use fabric glue instead.  I kept it pinned down, and I applied fabric glue along the edge, one pin at a time.  Once I was done I reapplied several pins along the hemline to hold it together while it dried.  After about 2 hours you can remove the pins and let it set the rest of the way overnight.  The next day it was secure and finished! 

kimono diy www.rootsandfeathers.com.jpg

I'm so excited to revamp a few more pieces!  I need to get some more fringe trim b/c I would love to do some with trim all along the edges.  I have a sheer floral top that is begging to be transformed!  If you make one, please send me photos!  I would so love to see. 

kimono diy www.rootsandfeathers.com.jpg

outfit details: dress (kimono diy) seinside // fringe top - lulu's.com // boots - blowfish shoes // necklace - sun & glory // hat + shorts - thrifted