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This week has had James and I stressed to say the least.  We are preparing to take a little trip, and a little over a week ago our car broke down.  Our one car.  So we have been borrowing James parents car, and now his friends car, that doesn't even have a working speedometer.  That right there has had James frazzled since he has to drive to work everyday.  And then on saturday, Bella got into a cat fight and was not feeling well all weekend.  Her face swelled up and she was just not herself at all.  We were already worried about her and had blood work lined up for her this week at the vet b/c she has lost some weight very quickly recently and we needed to find out why.  So first thing yesterday morning (my sweet friend came and picked us up) to get Bella checked out.  She got a shot of antibiotics for the fight, and almost immediately started feeling better.  She is not back to 100% yet, but I can tell it helped alot.  And through her blood work we found out that she is diabetic.  Luckily she wont have to take insulin, just a simple diet change.  So I am so grateful for that.  I was so scared she might have feline lymphoma or something.  Still sucks, but luckily its reversable!   

I know this probably sounds like a really complain-y post... and it could be ALOT worse, I know!  It's just had us frazzled, and it sucks b/c it our personal stress has been bleeding over into our relationship, and we are just in a funk, right before our anniversary.  I feel like I am being tested big time about my reactions towards others.  And learning that my own happiness should not be affected by the moods of people around me.  I don't know why its so hard for me.  I find myself absorbing others emotions and stresses and I just become a ball of frustration, anger and sadness.  I really need to find ways of not allowing this to happen.  I need to allow others to express themselves fully without it affecting me.  How does one do this? 

There is so much more we are stressed about right now besides just these two things... I just don't feel like going into it all here.  I know there will always be these ups and downs in life.  Always.  I'm learning to ride the wave and know that the darkness must be felt to appreciate the light.  The death must occur to bring in new life.  The Skeleton Woman is out, and she is needing untangled, once again.