new moon teepee sitting.JPG

The past two days Ive had very shady internet on top of my blog completely not opening for me... which in a way is very fitting for this new moon period.  Although it did frustrate me b/c I really wanted to get the new moon info posted on the KV Reports page yesterday, I was not able to.  So PLEASE just go straight to KV's You Tube channel and watch the New Moon in Virgo report as well as your individual sign reports, and if you want to go deeper, watch your rising sign and moon sign as well.  My blog just started working again and I'm about to be baby sitting for the rest of the evening so I just wont have time to get it up otherwise.   

The night before last I spent some time in my stick teepee as the sun was setting.  I was going to journal, but I ended up just talking out loud to the universe instead.  Which ends up being better than journaling for me most of the time.  I spoke my heart, asked alot of questions, opened my heart for receiving and then pulled some cards.  Which all ended up being major arcana, which doesn't happen very often.  Needless to say it was a long, intense reading.  Then I got shooed away by the deer.  Two days in a row I actually made the deer in my backyard upset by being there.  I think they were just being overprotective b/c they have young right now and one actually recently died somehow.  So, I went back inside so they could have their peace grazing in the field without worrying about me.  If only they knew I would just be their best buddy and cuddle them and give them food!   

Then last night I took a long soak in the tub and re-read The Skeleton Woman chapter in Women Who Run With The Wolves.  I love how the book is broken up into stories that you can go back and re-read.  This is one of my favorite stories in the book and one that really helps me alot when I start to feel frazzled in relationship of any kind.  And it being the new moon, the time of darkness, it felt like just the right time to read this chapter again.  I relate so deeply with the stories in that book, and can identify them all in my own life one way or another.  Such a sacred writing.

This new moon has been full of ups and downs.  Really the past couple of weeks.  I have found myself more irritated and frustrated than usual over very little things.  Very re-active.  Which is one thing Ive been trying to examine within myself, especially in relation to James.  But the good thing about these shadow aspects coming to the surface full force is they are in your face, bold and identifiable, so that they can be examined and learned from.  I am in a huge space of shedding more layers, letting go of toxic threads Ive held to people from my past, moving away from fears, allowing an opening to shift, and seeing all of the dark corners residing up inside me, just waiting to be plucked out, so I can sew up the energy leaks they have created in my soul.  This is an pretty dark process, but one I feel is going to happen quicker than I think this time.  My heart is preparing for a new phase in life, a huge shift in what is familiar.  Scary, exciting, and the work must be done. 

For tonite though, I am going to honor my moontime by laying on the couch with James, a movie and our friends baby.  Hopefully, the baby agrees.