star native ring.JPG
hat wall in the bedroom.JPG
grilled chicken sandwich.JPG
light through the curtains.JPG
beaded earrings by speckled feather.JPG
teal curtains.JPG
geode plant wall hanging.JPG
crochet fringe shawl curtain.JPG
rain on my porch.JPG
bathroom wall with china plates.JPG

1. double pointed quartz ring by star native
2. hat wall in the bedroom
3. coffee & cumin grilled chicken sandwich
4. light coming through my curtains
5. beaded earrings by speckled feather, espresso, geode slice
6. light coming through my faux shibori dyed curtains
7. top of a shelf in my bedroom, geode bookends, succulent, roots and feathers wall hanging, a special candle holder my mom bought my for my wedding
8. crochet fringe shawl 'curtain'
9. rain, rain is a special thing in texas right now
10. bathroom wall with china plates + two of my favorite dresses that hang in place of towels just because they are so beautiful.  who needs towels on a rack?  (teal dress is from gaia conceptions.)