Laura of Roots and Feathers
Laura of Roots and Feathers

This threads post has a few indoors and a few outdoors, just for fun.  Miss Violet was inside and thought it would be cute to snap a few with her in it.  Although she was not up to looking at the camera, he he.  This was from a few weeks ago already and its crazy to think we are already back up in the 70's here!


outfit details: hat - vintage // sweater - ooak from youngbirdart // scarf c/o sheinside // pants - hand dyed // shoes - minnetonka

I have had this beanie for ages!  Since my early teens at least.  Still love it.  And even though this scarf will already be time to retire b/c of summer coming up, I may use it in my house somewhere for decor b/c I love the colors in it so much.  Sadly its out of stock right now.  It might make a really great table runner for next christmas!  It is huge!  These pants were just some really basic cheap khaki pants from F21 that I ombre dyed.  I love the way they came out.  And you can't see the radness of this sweater in these photos, but there is a hand embroidered moon on the front.  Ive have worn this sweater countless times over the past month, mostly around the house b/c it is just so snuggly.

I want to say thank you to all of you who signed up with Tobi!!!  I got another 50% discount code and I can't wait to be able to use it!  Many people signed up but did not connect their facebook accounts, but I think you can do that at anytime to claim your 50% discount too!  Check out this post for more details.

In other news: There have been several new posts up on The Bohemian Collective!  Go follow us over there if you aren't already to get our latest blog posts!

My days have been a bit up and down lately... Yesterday was great until I went to my parents house, and I lost it, again.  Maybe Ill talk more about it soon... Right now, it feels too fresh...