WARNING - this is a total sales pitchy post... BUT its one that benefits us both, I promise.  That is... if you like cute clothes.  If you don't, you might just want to walk away now.

I came across this site TOBI the other day... and it might be my doom.  I love everything!  I almost didn't even look b/c I was afraid of just that.  But, I am a sucker for adorable clothing.  Guilty.  Anyway, they have a wonderful program to help you get their cool threads at a fraction of the price.  If you sign up with your facebook (yes you have to do this) you get 50% off your first order!  And then, you can share a link from your account to all of your friends online (or off) and if 5 of them sign up too, you get 50% off your next order!!! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!  And if 5 more of your friends sign, you get another 50% coupon - its endless.

So, that is exactly what I am doing.  Putting the call out for you to sign up, get 50% off some cute clothes, and get me 50% off some cute clothes.  Win win.  And there is even more...

They have FREE shipping on all US orders.  Plus free returns if something doesn't fit.  You can't beat that! 

And even if you don't have a second 50% off code, you get 30% off all new arrivals for the first 7 days they are on the site just for having an account with them!  Rad!  Yes... this is where this site gets addicting, b/c you kind of want to keep checking their new arrivals.  I warned you. 


You will be seeing some of their goodies in some upcoming outfit posts.  I shared the floral bell bottoms above on instagram today.  So freakin in love.  So comfortable, and you can't beat $24 for amazingly cute bells!!! 

Thanks for sticking through this pitchy post, and I hope you find some super cute stuff!  Happy shopping!