Skyline Fever Dylan Tee

Some of you may be tired about hearing about this amazing new Skyline Fever tee... but I have to mention it one more time b/c TODAY is the last day to PRE-ORDER and the last day to get your invoices paid!  All unpaid invoices after midnight tonite will be CANCELLED.  (sadly)... We have experienced several people not getting their invoices, mostly due to my own personal mistakes after typing in over 200 email addresses... mistakes were made!  So if you have not received yours, please leave me a comment with your email address so I can double check and confirm if it went through correctly.  We have learned sooo much through this process!  It's been a beautiful nightmare honestly.  Next time we will just set up a pre-order listing straight through James shop so there won't be so much confusion.  This time we took orders through both of our instagrams, facebooks, twitters, etsy, my blog and email.  Let's just say answering emails on all social media platforms has kept us busy for a solid week like we had no idea it would!  So next time around, well be a little bit wiser...

If you would like to order one, please do so asap b/c tomorrow we are ordering the shirts!!!  So exciting!  If you have any questions about price, size & more, check out my FAQ'S post here.