outfit details:  tshirt - fennec design // pants - tobi // necklace - shop sparrow // earrings - aurora shadow // hand ring c/o natalia benson // turquoise ring - gypsy warrior // coin bracelet - victory jewelry

Some days you want to wear a tee, or something super cozy, but still feel dressed up... Accessories can make all the difference.  Wearing my more fancy jewels is not my first go to when accessorizing a tshirt, I usually pick out something simple and earthy, like a leather necklace.  It was a nice surprise when I started putting this outfit together and threw on this necklace, and I just went to town from there.  I love how the silver pops on the darker threads.  I love love love my crystal earrings for Aurora Shadow and always seem to be keeping them for more special occasions... so glad to throw that out the window! 

And what about this tee?  I have admired Fennec Design for so long now on etsy, and when I saw they made it to featured seller I was so excited and finally bought myself two of their pieces.  I'm so happy I did.  Being a lover of bones and skulls, their designs speak to me, especially this cat skull design. 

I want to take a moment to talk about this beautiful Fortune Hand Ring by Natalia Benson...  The quality of this ring is out of this world.  True craftsmanship.  I adore the tiny planetary symbols engraved on it, and the back says "You Always Know", which speaks volumes to me.  I have a thing with hands too... Always have.  I think it comes from my mother.  She loved hands.  I always loved her hands.  She always loved my hands... And whenever I see hands, I think of her.  This ring is not just a ring.  It is completely a sacred adornment.  All of Natalia's work has this spirit that shows through.  Most of her pieces come in either 24K gold plate or white bronze, like this ring.  She also does tarot readings and is a music dj.  An all around creative soul. 

I was looking forward all week to jumping in our river today... and its raining.  So its time to switch up the agenda, which means continuing to work on custom orders!  I have a ton in right now, and once I'm done with them all I'm excited to start playing with all the new beads and stones I found in Wimberely on my vaca!