It's taken me two days just to upload all the photos from my vacation!  I went on a 4 day trip to Wimberley with these rad ladies above.  My family is made of some pretty strong ass women with big personalities!  So its always so fun to be around them.  I laugh like I never laugh around them.  It has become an annual tradition to go with them once a year to a new place and its just about my favorite family tradition.  I hope it continues forever. 

We stayed at a place called Jackaroo Ranch, and I fell in love the moment we pulled up.  A beautiful old country home with the river in its back yard, a beautiful back porch to sit on and bird watch, a hammock in the yard amongst beautiful tall cypress trees, privacy, and just a laid back feel that welcomes you and makes you feel at home. 

vacation face

I spent as much time as I could relaxing by the water, spending time alone with nature, reading in the hammock... I love that we spent so much time together as a family, but I also had moments of solitude to just bliss out and enjoy my surroundings. 

saying hello to the river

The river was beautiful.  We came at just the right time b/c Texas had just received a buttload of rain, so the river was pretty full.  We actually watched it go down over the few days we were there, so it was obvious we made it just in time.  The first 10 minutes we were there I couldn't help but RUN to the river, strip off my shorts and jump in.  There was a spot where the water was rushing through the bridge and I just sat in it for about 1/2 hour letting the water crash over me.  I could hear nothing but the sound of the water.  It was heaven.

laura at jackaroo ranch

We did get out about the town a few times.  Had some good food, visited some cute shops, found some amazing nature spots in town... my favorite being this huge hollowed out tree.  I have a thing for holes in trees, so as soon as I spotted I begged my aunt to walk down there with me to take my picture in it.  It was magical down in that area.  We also found the best little gem shop Ive ever been to.  I just adored so many little things I came across... like the image above with my shoes where there are leaf imprints in the stone.  And a building in town that was made from not only normal rock you see on homes, but mixed in was petrified wood and crystal rocks.  See them bigger below... Just so many fun little quirks in this town that really got my soul.


I taught my family how I take self portriats.. and as the first image suggests, it made me bust up laughing while I was doing it.  I didn't take a whole lot, but I squeezed in a few.

Jackaroo Ranch

The land and home we stayed at was just beautiful.  I loved watching the sun set in the field behind the house... and when the gazebo was lit up at night it was just gorgeous.  My cousin and I sat out in it one night for a few hours and talked while the june bugs flew all around us... and huge frog joined us too.

beautiful rock wall

The beautiful rock walls...

empty liquor bottles

My nanna's ears will probably be turning red after posting this photo... but this is what happens everytime we all get together.  We had 9 bottles of liquor and they were all empty when we left.  Two nights we played the game Taboo after getting drunk and it was just about the funnest most hilarious thing ive done in my life!  Oh  my god the words and phrases I learned that weekend!  ha ha.

my nanna and i

My favorite photo from the weekend is this one of me and my Nanna.  She is such a soulmate.

saying goodbye to the river

And of course, I had to say goodbye to the river.  Until next time Jackaroo Ranch...

Oh yeah, and I want to move to Wimberley now.