you are the magic

Wearing my Umber Dove ring on my wedding ring finger has kept these words so alive. This new moon in Virgo has brought in deep awareness and reminders that I am in charge of the direction of my life and what I allow to affect me. I choose love, forgiveness, and presence. I choose to create fertile grounds for new growth in my life. I choose to stare myself in the face and own the reflection of what the past mirrors to me. I choose to embrace what makes me feel whole, loved and accepted, and let go of that which doesn't feed me, nourish me or help me blossom into the best version of myself. I'm constantly learning, growing, changing, letting go, making new, as we all are. I choose to change the world by loving myself and nurturing my small piece of the world. I may not be able to do great acts but I can do lots of small acts with love. I fumble and fail and make mistakes, some that embarrass me for years, but that's okay, it's all part of it. I will continue to try to learn from my mistakes and use those lessons as tools for my future. I carry with me in my toolbox the heartbeat of my mother, and will one day share this heartbeat with a little of my own. My prayer to the universe is to help me carve out the places inside me that no longer serve me or anyone else, and make room for a new light to enter.

This was a little something I shared on my instagram the other day, and just thought it needed a space here on the blog...