Yesterday I spent some time re-organizing my jewelry wall.  I grew up in an artist's home, my mother being a jewelry artist, and did hundreds of art shows with them while growing up.  My mother taught me the wonderful part of being an artist called bartering.  I always thought it was so cool that she was able to trade with her friends and fellow artisans, works that they had both spent loving time with their hands creating.  Over the years, as I developed my own artistry, I have done the same thing.  I have been so fortunate to be able to trade goods or services with so many talented artisans and friends.  Which, has led to an extensive jewelry collection.  One that I am so very fond of.  Each artisan made piece in my collection I hold so dear to my heart.  I of course have a few pieces mixed in that are store bought cheapies... but the bulk of my jewelry is handmade.  I love love love supporting other artisans (as you may notice through my posts), and being able to pick out a special piece to wear each day is a delight.  And instead of cramming it all into drawers or boxes, I love to keep it out as a part of my art, I guess you could say.  They are all little works of art, so why not?  Everytime I pass by this wall, I feel overwhelmed with gratitude, and feel so very blessed.  I am continually grateful for these friendships I have formed through the arts.  Like minded creative souls who have entered my life, in turn continuing the inspiration spiral.  This wall is so much more to me than just a huge collection of jewelry, it is a collection of stories, of friendships, of lives around the world being lived similar to mine, at least in the common creative thread.  There is a spirit behind handmade jewelry that you just cannot get from mass produced jewelry.  This wall, is full of spirit.  Intermingling.  Beauty.

For those of you who might ask, the big wooden piece hanging on the wall with the necklaces is part of an old piano.  And the black shudder came from off of my parents house.

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Mini Bedroom Makeover >>>

 After I did the Oh My Mama photoshoot, I felt such a connection with the images, I ordered a few for our home.  They have been lying on my desk begging me to hang them, but I was so unsure of where I wanted them.  I like to move things around alot... and with these, I was going to be poking so many holes in the wall, I wanted to make sure I wouldnt want to move them in a few weeks!  Im kind of running out of room to decorate in our house!  Eeeek!  The space above my necklace rack always looked so bare to me, so there they went!  (I wrote a little more in depth about this photoshoot the other day on The Bohemian Collective).  In case you are wondering, the necklace rack came from the inside of an old piano.

I also revamped my bedside area again while I was at it. I loved the way I had it before, if everything was kept in order... but with all my books beside the bed, it was becoming unruly.  I had the wooden shelf up on our mantle for the past month or so... but didnt really love it.  I wanted to do something nice with it though b/c my daddy made it.  Just to hold his pottery powders, but still, he made it.  So now I have all my beside stuff, plus some extra trinkets and things.  And it showcases my earrings on the lace better too!
It has been so hard to crawl out of this bed every morning lately.  Ive been in super deep sleep upon awakening, with Bella pawing at my face to feed her.  Just looking at this picture I feel my bones being beckoned.  

Its been a super busy two days.  Playing major catch up after the holiday weekend, and I have started my workout routine backup... which I am so happy about.  Ive kind of let myself go for a while.  So it feels nice to be nice to my body again.  We went grocery shopping today and got some more good stuff to eat too, which is a big help.  I need this.


Designing a Jewelry Nook...

I finally prettied up my jewelry space in the bedroom.  You may remember how I had it in my last house.  I knew I still wanted to use this old wooden piece that came out of a piano.  I took off the backing I had on it before to make it more simple and earthy.  I also used an old shutter that I reclaimed from my parents house.  My dad had them in the burn pile and I snagged them up.  I remember them being on the house since I was little and new they had some life in them still.  I also used some of my mom's special antique bowls to keep my headbands and things in.  Since I have so much jewelry, I decided just to hang up my favorite and most special pieces.  I originally wanted to hang up my vintage purse collection, but Im not sure Ill have the room.  I may have to squeeze some on another wall.

This amazing vintage dresser was in my mom's bedroom.  She loved this piece, and I am so honored to now have it in my own bedroom.  And Ive had so much fun adding my square photo wood squares all over the house!  They add such a nice little touch.

So as you can see, you dont need alot 'jewelry' hangers to keep your pretties.  You can use so many different found objects, bowls or anything to create a special place for your favorite things. 

I am having so much fun with the freedom to do what I want with my own walls!  Love it!  Im sure overtime it will change.  Im loving the process.


Closet &Jewelry Display Re-Vamp

A few days ago I got in a new year's cleaning mood, and completely re-organized all of the clothes in my closet, and my jewelry display... a much needed cleanout.  I pulled out all of the clothes in my closet that I dont wear very often, but just cant seem to let go of, and put them all into large plastic tubs at the bottom of my closet, so I can still get to them easily.  And I even packed away all of my vintage purses, which makes me a bit sad, but my house is so cluttered, I desperately need to start cleaning up in ALL areas.  I have way too much stuff for our tiny house!

While I was organizing all of the clothes in my closet, I was so inspired by seeing all of the beautiful textiles together.  My closet is so full of pretty fabrics, I just love it!  So different from my *almost* all black wardrobe in high school.

And my jewelry display was so in need of a re-vamp.  It pretty much looks similar to the way I had it before, just updated with the jewelry that I actually wear all of the time.  I packed away all of the stuff that had been up there for years and not really touched.  I love how simple changes like this can make things feel so fresh in your home.  The main jewelry display is part of an old piano.  It had four large square holes in it, and I backed it with pretty scrapbook paper.  I just love it for hanging my jewelry on!
Now all of the jewelry displayed is things I wear on a daily basis, along with a few pieces that are just super special to me, which are the ones on the purple and blue board hanging from the oversized skeleton key.  It includes the first necklace James bought me, a little owl necklace that was thrifted in austin during our honeymoon, the necklace I bought for my wedding day (although it was not worn), and a handmade trinket necklace that is full of my mother's sentimental things.  I love having my pretties out wear I can see them everyday!

How do you display your jewelry?