blue velvet.jpg

velvet blazer - thrifted // shirt - gifted // leggings c/o chicwish // boots c/o blowfish // purse - thrifted // necklace - sun and glory

(see blowfish's ad to the side for a discount!)

So, Im pretty obsessed with these leggings from chicwish.  They have them in purple too.  I have a deep deep love for blue velvet.  Always have.  Something about it reminds me of my mother, even though I don't remember her ever having anything in blue velvet.  But blue velvet leggings??? Love love love.  I enjoyed how this outfit came together with the different colors.  And it was fun breaking out some of my favorite old thrifted velvet pieces like the blazer and the purse.  Ive had them both for probably 10 or more years.  I remember finding the purse for 65 cents at a thrift store, back when thrift stores were still, you know, thrift stores.  It's crazy to walk into a goodwill now and see jeans for $19.99.  That makes me feel old, since I used to do all of my shopping for the new school year in junior high/high school and spend about $30 for the entire loot!  Anyway... I had some fun with this little outfit shoot, dirty hair and all.

Yesterday I spent the day shooting for the next mini Bohemian Collective lookbook!  Ill let you know when its going to be released... it was one of the most intense shoots Ive done, for fear of messing anything up, and having some odds against me.  But James came in and saved the day and helped me out with the last part of the shoot.  I know I am veryyyy behind on the blog over there.  Ive been finding it hard to find the balance between this space, that space, my actual work, and home.  After the mess I made ALL over the house yesterday for this shoot... today Ill spend some time cleaning up, and hopefully dreaming up ways to be a bit more creative with my time and organization.

Also, I posted the first GIVEAWAY yesterday here on the new blog!  In case you missed it, our giveaways are now in their own little section up top.  Just look for the tab that says Giveaways on it.  From now on, all giveaways will be posted there and not here on the main blog.  So go enter and spread the word! xo