<<< outfit details >>>
shorts // f21
tights // target
boots // blowfish shoes
left earring // sea of wild
right earrings // roots and feathers
copper + triangle ring // jade stone
crescent moon ring // laurel hill
buffalo ring // maiedae (discontinued)
necklace // violet bella

This is what I wore to Thanksgiving at my Nanna's.  My favorite color palette in the world, Autumn.  When I got this sweater in the mail I knew I wanted to wait to wear it on Thanksgiving.  I love how 70's it is, reminds me of an embroidered pillow.  And its just the right shade of green.  Im excited its tights weather!  Although Ive poked holes in almost all of my cute tights already.  I can hardly wear a pair of tights without poking holes in them... anyone else have this problem?  And I usually do it the first time I wear them, and most often, within the first hour.  Maybe I need to go back and embrace my 90's teenage self who loved tights only if they had holes in them.  (Ever+mi.crush carries my Violet Bella jewelry!  You can find it here).

We had a really nice thanksgiving gathering at my Nanna's house.  I love that I have a loving family who doesn't fight and can just be with each other.  It was very laid back with lots of really good food.  So much to be thankful for.  Of course it was a pretty bittersweet day for me, as all holidays are now without my mom and dad.  But I kept them close to my heart, like I always do.  I'm always reminded by someone in my family how much I resemble my mom, and that makes me happy.  I need to take a photo of us side by side for you guys to see!

I know its kind of been outfit post and giveaway central around this blog lately.  As fun as those things are, I am yearning for some good time to blog more heart to heart.  This season just keeps me so busy.  I'm planning on changing some things up here on the blog at the beginning of the new year.  I will no longer be doing as many individual giveaways, and doing just a small handful a month in big groups.  (kind of like I use to).  I'm also hoping to change up the layout of the blog in general as well.  Lot's of regrouping, brainstorming, letting go and simplifying.  It's what I need. 

We are still having sales in all of our shops, through monday!  Things are selling out fast!!!  If your looking to do some of your holiday shopping with handmade artists and not go fight the hustle in the city, there are so many great deals online this weekend!  Get 20% everything in Roots and Feathers, Violet Bella & Skyline Fever with the code BLACKNUMBERONE at checkout.  (Get an extra 10% off if you leave a note at time of checkout telling me where that code came from).  We will also combine shipping if you order from both shops.  We will refund you when we are shipping the items out.

Today I will be filled up with packaging orders and cleaning my house.  While listening to loud music and drinking tons of lemon water.

Please read my last post to see if you were a giveaway winner!

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- outfit details -
hat + crochet vest // c/o chicwish
flowerchild tank // skyline fever
velvet bell bottoms // iconoclasp
bronze flats // blowfish shoes
braided crystal necklace // christi jay
quartz ring // moorea seal
chevron bracelet // f21

I can't stop wearing my velvet bell bottoms from Iconoclasp.  I could wear them everyday.  It's hard to believe Thanksgiving is just in a couple days.  I'm excited to see my family, and to roast some yummy root veggies... but I've also been a bit weary lately.  I definitely feel like my body is in a winter cocoon of sorts.  I've been in a state where I can cry at a wrong word used, or even a wrong look.  My emotional levy has broke, and it's opening me up to many different feelings.  I laid on the hammock for a few minutes the other day and a butterfly landed on my glasses, reminding me that this cocoon state I'm in is only preparing myself for something much more beautiful... but through this process, it hurts.  It is not easy transitioning.  Especially when its a kind of transition happening from within, one you cannot see, or put words to.  I take that back... I can put words to it.  Grief.  It's just that I thought by now it would be a little easier, but its only getting harder.  Part of that is my own doing, from not allowing myself to feel certain things that seemed unbareable to really feel.  I still don't want to feel them, but I know I must to truly heal through it.  A big gentle deep inhalation is needed on my part... followed with a long silent calming and grounding exhalation.  With my feet rooted in the earth, and my heart being guided from the spirits of my ancestors.  I need to allow myself to congratulate myself for the things I have accomplished, to celebrate them.  For so long now, I have not been doing this, and I think it has sucked some of the joy from the journey.  It's time to remind myself that I am worth that.  And that I am worth it to stop, regroup, realign the things in my life that need it.  To allow myself to let go of the things I no longer need in my heart, that I cling to.  And to know that it is okay to feel all of these feelings, even the depressing ones, so long as I do not remain dormant in them.  But, I must go through them, and not try to crabshell my way around them like I am so good at doing.  It is okay to cry.  It is okay to hurt.  It is okay to be angry.  It is okay. 

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The Crystal Ship by The Doors on Grooveshark
Today's post is an outfit post and giveaway in one!  Yesterday I wore some really fun stuff.  Just about the brightest outfit I think Ive ever worn.  I don't normally go for super bright colors, but these pants from Flying Tomato just called my name for some reason.  A side of me I wasn't even aware I had until laying eyes on them...  And they are the comfiest, most light weight pants in the world!  A bit on the longer side for us shorties, so I had to wear some wedges, but really that just made them all the better.  So in love.  I think I would wear just about every piece Flying Tomato has in their shop.  Stellar.  And it was just about perfection paired with my thrifted Doors tee that I found for under $1.  Best score ever.  Man I miss thrifting.  It's been way too long.  We just haven't had the time when James is actually off to go.  

<<< outfit details >>>
crochet kimono // f21
doors tee // thrifted
bell bottoms // flying tomato (get 20% off with code FLYINGDEAL)
right now these pants are on sale + free shipping + this code above = $31.20  (a steal)
wedges // blowfish shoes  (get 15% off with code BFVIOLET15)
teal leather bracelet // spiral drift

Now for the good stuff!  Gypsies Caravan is offering one of my readers a custom dreamcatcher earring!  This is one you don't want to pass up.  I am so freakin' in love with mine!  It will take 1-2 weeks to complete after the winner is chosen since it is a custom piece.  You can find more of her love online here: facebook  // smugmug  // instagram

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I'm excited to post this outfit post today, for a number of reasons... The biggest one being that I was even able to do something extracurricular like take photos of my outfit today.  My days have been spent doing nothing but sitting in this computer chair, editing and working on the collective.  Im not even joking.  The breaks I have taken are for eating and peeing, with the occasional 'freak out' I have do to something else before I go insane

After going to bed last night almost in tears... I got a migraine in the middle of the night.  Not really to my surprise b/c its almost my moontime, which migraines come with the territory for me.  But then I woke up this morning still with it, and then... my computer would not turn on.  I tried for a few hours to get it to turn on, and I was convinced it was fried.  (insert total freak out crying melt down).  Yep, that was me this morning.  Luckily, I have a husband with magic fingers, and when he got home from work, he pressed the button and it turned on without a problem for him.  Figures.  So after a big sigh of relief, I got to work.

BUT, I had a few hours in between!!!  So, I actually took a shower, fixed my hair, put on makeup and got dressed!  (something that hasn't happened all week, which can start to make a girl feel like blah).  I needed to take photos of James new shirts for Skyline Fever, so I did that.  I swept my house (gasping at how dirty it was) and cleaned my kitchen.  Then I took my photos!  This was one of the most transitional outfits ever.  I lounged around the house in these leggings and long tee, and then just put on shoes and a jacket to go out and it turned it into a great outfit!  I will be planning more wardrobe pieces like this.  Way too easy.  Then once my computer was on again, I edited tons of photos of new jewelry for the shop, along with other many other photos.  So what began as a meltdown morning, ended up being a very productive day in other ways.  And I must say, it felt pretty darn good to feel clean and pretty after this week. 

outfits details:  headband - nanoukiko // jacket c/o  sheinside // shirt - handmade by me // leggings - f21 // boots c/o blowfish shoes

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