Threads - Love You Moon >>>

Yesterday's outfit was just about the comfiest thing ever... This dress was given to me by my bestie about 10 years ago (guestimate) and I still love it.  This rad top is one of Lune Vintage's Harvest fringe tees...  I gifted this to myself last year and Im so glad I did.  Knowing where things like this come from make them so much more special.  And these shoes... Oh these shoes.  I dont want to take them off.  Blowfish, thank you once again for being so freakin stellar!

The story behind the amazing MOON sign you see in the background... When I was about 15, my friends and I would go to our local coffee shop, called the Fool Moon.  Back then, you could still smoke in restaurants, and the owner disregarded that we were wayyy under age.  So we could drink tons of coffee and smokes lots of cigarettes.  (and look at the beautiful people that worked there).  I always admired the rusted signs on the building.  That cafe closed and years later the owner opened a new restaurant.  Fast forward 12 years, and I became a waitress at said restaurant.  I will spare myself and everyone that whole story... but, I always had these signs in the back of my head.  A few years back I did a photoshoot with a friend, and we climbed up some stairs on the side of that old building to take some shots, and I noticed those signs had been thrown on top of the building.  Just laying there.  I contemplated stealing them several times.  Yes, I really did.  But... *sigh* I could never bring myself to do that, ha ha.  Well, up to date, a friend of mine works at the restaurant that replaced it, and I asked her if they were still up there, and they were, and they gave them to me!!!  So, 15 years later, they bless my porch.  Kind of crazy.  One of my alltime favorite photos I have of my mom is of her drinking a big cup of coffee outside of that cafe.  We used to go there together, and Ill never forget the one day we took photos of each other, and giggled together so much.  I have alot of fond memories, good and bad, that root to these signs.  And, as a moonchild, it almost feels like magic to have these in my sacred space on my porch.  And the best part, they were handcrafted by one of my favorite artists, who happens to be a local.  One of the most talented individuals Ive ever met.

Where the title came from... my favorites are Late May's Gaze, To Kill For You and A New World.